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    Kayla Sommer Pastry Chef

    Kayla Sommer is a Pastry Chef and Culinary Arts Instructor originally from North Fond du Lac. After discovering a true passion for baking during high school, Kayla graduated from Horace Mann High in 2012 and then earned her Associates Degree in Culinary Arts & Baking from Moraine Park.

    Kayla met her husband Josh in the Culinary Arts Program there at MPTC, and she went on to study abroad in Germany and Italy. 

    After returning from Europe, Kayla worked at Heidel House Resort and Spa in Green Lake. In 2015 she moved to Madison to work for Madison Sourdough. Starting as their bread baker, Kayla worked her way up to skillfully laminating a variety of croissants and delicate pastries. Kayla became Madison's Pastry Chef in 2018, guiding a team of 6 pastry assistants.

    Cakes and French pastries became her specialties. Kayla's French Macarons made it onto the Top 7 Cookies of Madison list. And she was part of a team that had their cake and pastry featured in the Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2018 issue.

    In 2020 Kayla and Josh welcomed their son, Wyatt, and the pandemic brought her and her young family back to Fond du Lac. Her brilliance and expertise led her to teaching community baking classes back at her alma mater. And in 2022 she was asked to be the official Baking Instructor for the Moraine Park Culinary Arts Program. At that same time, Kayla started working with her former classmate (ME!) at Poco Pizza. She remains one of the busiest moms I know, doing all jobs well with professionalism and passion.

    A bakery of her own has always been the dream. It's my hope that Poco Pizza can be her test kitchen, and you can be her guinea pig. Let her know what you think of Kayla's Sweet Tooth when you pop out to the farm on Saturday. She's also the one who made your Free Treat!

    Kayla's Sweet Tooth


    You can reach out to Kayla directly here: EMAIL