ONLINE ORDERING IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE WEEK -- Visit us in person Saturday 11-4!
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's going on here?

    A: We sell frozen 12" artisan pizzas that we make from scratch with local and homegrown ingredients here on our dairy farm in Van Dyne, WI. Our menu is hyper-local and seasonal so it changes weekly. We produce everything in our little commercial kitchen/farm store, so quantities are limited. Every order comes with a fresh-baked, homemade free treat.


    Q: How do I get pizzas?

    A: Order online, then pick up your order here on the farm this Saturday, or schedule them for local delivery this Weekend. We do not ship - sorry. Local home delivery and farm pickup only at this time. ***Online Orders accepted 9AM Mondays - 9AM Fridays.


    Q: Do I HAVE to order ahead?

    A: Our farm store is open every Saturday 11am - 4 pm. All of the pizzas, fresh bakery items, and ice creams that have not sold out online during the week will be available for purchase in person. If you see something you know you want, order it now. Often the new items sell out before the store opens for in person purchases. 


    Q: I don't want to order online, but I want you to save me a few pizzas.

    A: You do need to place (and pay for) your order here on our secure website to have pizzas reserved for you. Email, text, or phone orders are not possible at this time.


    Q: So can I just come there on Saturday and buy what I want?

    A: Yes! Absolutely. But, quantities are limited, so if you have your heart set on something specific, we recommend that you order it here. You can always grab more when you're at the farm.


    Q: I can't make it to the farm on a Saturday/Why are your hours terrible?

    A: Our farm store/kitchen is not in a zoo or on a small hobby farm. Poco Pizza is nestled in the heart of our family's active, busy dairy farm. We're able to set aside 5 hours a week (Saturdays 11-4) to turn off the tractors and welcome guests. We appreciate that our hours are not ideal for everyone, but it's what we're able to accomplish. If you live nearby in the Fox Valley, chances are local home delivery is available to you, too. 


    Q: Are there sights or farmy activities for my family when we're there?

     A: Unfortunately no. There are cows walking about and chickens bumbling around, and you'll of course get to take in the fresh dairy air while you visit the farm store, but there's not much space to hang out and shenaniganize. I'm working hard to get that space created in the near future. But for now, we're just a little farm kitchen offering wholesome farm-to-freezer food.


    Q: Do you ship?

    A: No we do not ship our frozen pizzas. 


    Q: Do you offer wholesale pizzas for other stores, bars, or restaurants?

    A: In the state of Wisconsin, you have to be a licensed and daily state inspected meat processing facility to sell a wholesale frozen pizza. Yes, even if that frozen pizza is vegetarian. We are not a meat processing facility, we are a commercial kitchen. So unfortunately we cannot offer our pizzas for wholesale. Yet.


    Q: Do you grow everything yourself?

    A: We pasture raise our own beef and pork, fruits, and chemical-free vegetables here on our farm for our pizzas. Nearly all other toppings that we don't grow ourselves are provided by the following local partners: 

    NOTE: Our Wood Fired Italian Crust is made by hand for us in Modena, Italy. Please forgive the use of this non-local item. To offset our carbon footprint, we ensure our toppings are homegrown or as local as physically possible.


    Q: Is the dairy from your family's farm used on the pizzas?

    A: All of the milk from our cows goes to BelGioioso Cheese. Any pizzas with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, or other BelGioioso cheeses are made using our milk.


    Q: I still have a question!

    A: Email with any additional questions.


    Order pizzas here