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    Steers by front pasture for treats

    Buying Beef from Our Farm: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: You'll pay us $2.95/pound hanging weightHalves and Quarters of beef are sold by the pound, based on the 'hanging weight' or 'carcass weight' of the steer. This is generally about 60% of the animal's living weight.


    Q: How do we pay you?

    A: If you'd like to purchase a half or quarter of beef, you simply need to pay for the deposit here. We will email you with your processing date shortly thereafter. Once the half or quarter is weighed we will email you an invoice for the balance. At that time we will also send along contact information for the meat market so you can tell them exactly how thick to cut your steaks, how many steaks in a package, how much ground beef you'd like, what size roasts you prefer, if you want soup bones, short ribs, etc...


    Q: How much does a half or quarter typically weigh?

    A: Our halves of beef generally weigh between 425 - 500 pounds. So for your half of beef, you should expect to pay the farm between $1,200 and $1,500. Depending on how you choose to get it cut up, you'll likely get around 300 lbs of meat. A quarter is a split half - with all of the the different cuts of beef split equally between the 2 quarters. As we all learned in 1st grade, a quarter (which is what the $550 deposit is for) is half of a half.


    Q: How does processing work?

    A: Your beef will be processed by Beck's Meat Processing. It is yours to have cut up however you please, and you'll pay them for butchering/cutting/wrapping when you pick up your beef. We will let you know the processing date and when they will be calling you. 


    Q: How long before I get my beef?

    A: We are not a feed lot pushing out a ton of animals. We just raise a few black angus and charolais steers on our pastures with care and respect. So we typically have one or two steers ready for market every couple months or so. If you want to know the earliest you'd get your beef, shoot me an email and I can let you know! 


    Q: Is your beef grass fed?

    A: Our steers have free access to pasture grasses through Spring, Summer and Fall, giving their meat higher than average levels of omega 3 and omega 6. But before they head to market they are also given free access to hay, beans, peas, corn and corn silage. So while our beef has the beneficial fatty acids, it is not lean. It is well marbled and intentionally crafted for people who seek natural, tender, juicy, and flavorful beef without added hormones or weird stuff. It will ruin you for life, because you'll never be able to buy grocery store beef again, and going out for a phenomenal steak dinner will result in you walking out the back door to the grill. Hopefully you have a good bar tender at home.


    Q: So how can I just buy a few steaks?

    A: We are not currently selling individual cuts of beef in our farm store. 


    Get on the list for a half or quarter here