ONLINE ORDERING IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE WEEK -- Visit us in person Saturday 11-4!
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    If our varieties just don't scratch your itch, we'll gladly put together a special order just for you. 

    Design your own frozen pizza from the toppings we have available, or have us tweak one of our regular items. Swap out crust, sauces, or toppings. You just have to order A MINIMUM OF 6 of the same pizza to qualify for a special order. Email us at with the the following:

    1) Quantity
    2) Crust Choice
    3) Sauce Choice
    4) Toppings

    Shawn will email you the order total with a link to pay. You can decide if the price is right and we'll make the order as soon as it's paid!


    Baby Honeynut Squash

    ^ This is just a baby Honeynut Squash. Pretty cute, huh?